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Page history last edited by Jim Cameron 2 years, 11 months ago

Jim's Evening Rides 2020 


Covid19 pandemic: Current relaxations are not enough to allow public rides to resume.  

Scottish lockdown guidance is still too restrictive. The limit of 5 households makes it impossible to open up rides to the public.


Anyone who wants to, could get together with a few friends and try some of the previous rides listed on this website. Meanwhile, I will listen out for any further relaxations.

25/6/*2021 Jim C


The winter rides we did, are at the end of the page.


Meetup 7pm outside the Apothecary pub at Lister Square

8 Lister Square, Simpson Loan, Edinburgh, Edinburgh EH3 9GL.     The old Simpsons unit. Behind what we used to call Peter's Yard, between Lauriston Place and the Meadows.

We might also be in the Söderberg Pavilion bakery opposite the pub.  




Summer Evening rides

There rides start at 6:30 pm.


Date Leader Sunset & Dusk Description of ride
Thu 23 Apr to Thu 23 Jul 2020    

Cancelled for Covid19

Thu 30 Jul 2020   21:22  22:11  
Thu 06 Aug 2020   21:08  21:54  
Thu 13 Aug 2020   20:52  21:36  
Thu 20 Aug 2020   20:35  21:17  
Thu 27 Aug 2020   20:18  20:58  
Thu 03 Sep 2020  

20:00  20:39





Winter Evening rides - completed


See https://www.cyclinguk.org/blog/why-i-love-night-riding for a CTC article on what winter evening rides are like.  We will stick to lit roads and paths, with the exception of the eclipse where we need a dark spot.



Completed Winter Evening Rides

Date Leader Sunset Description of ride
Mon 9 Mar 2020    Full moon  Head for Crammond and Leith

Foul weather again, and only 2 attendees again. we basically did a pub crawl, and thank God we did! just a couple of weeks later, the world fundamentally changed and it is not currently possible 31/3 to have this kind of ride or even to have a beer in the pub.    https://www.strava.com/activities/3169545032

The seven bold adventurers who attended these winter rides have seized the last chance, although they didn't know it, to do group rides in the evening for some time.

Fri 7 Feb 2020  Jim
97% full moon  Head for the arrows near the mouth of the Esk in Musselburgh.

Nice enough night and great to see 6 riders.  We saw the full moon early in the right, but it clouded over at the rendezvous point for good. It was a pleasant surprise to see that the whole way was lit, including the arrows (but that was security lighting).


Fri 10 Jan 2020 Jim Penumbral Eclipse Head for the arrows near the mouth of the Esk in Musselburgh.

A horrible night! Winds gusting to 45MPH and rain, quite cold too at 7degC + windchill.  2 stalwarts attended, and we shortened the ride to Portobello. Moon was hard to see, but you can just make out a fuzzy blob above the tower in the Strava photos.




Looking for the rides we did in previous years? they're here:-

Ride History 2017  
2018 2018 Evening Rides  
2019 2019 evening rides


(The Moonlit Winter rides we did from Sep 2018 to Mar 2019, are in 2018 Evening Rides




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