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1st Evening Ride - 4 parks - Lochend, Figgate, Craigmillar Castle and Drum.


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Thu 03 May 2018 Jim 
Jim  Jim  Jim  20:55 Relive 


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Seven riders gathered for this first evening ride of 2017.  Weather was dry, cloudy, only 9 deg C. Chilly for May!  


We took the path though the Meadows and into Holyrood Park,  exiting behind the Palace to cross the A1 and then into park 1 - Lochend Park.  We rounded the large pond, taking in its eerie atmosphere due to the many windfallen trees, and admiring the dovecot, the hexagonal pumping station and the flooding due to draining a swamp somewhere. 


Exiting along Marionville Ave. and Restalrig Ave. took us to Park 2 - Figgate Park.  Pleasant, slender, and tadpole shaped this one too has a large pond in its centre.  Riding round the pond, we rode out Westwards along the North bank of the River Figgate. less popular than the normal South bank, but still busy enough. 


A longish ride though Duddingston and Craigmillar ensued, taking us to Park 3 - Craigmillar Castle park. We rode up within sight of the rather splendid castle, then turned right into Hawkhill Wood. (It would've been nice to explore Craigmillar castle park but it was just too cold).  Next, we rode the network of pristine tarmac paths that runs behind the Infirmary and takes you to the Wisp. That road is too narrow and fast for bikes so we took the pavement, turning left into Danderhall. 


We avoided Edmonstone Policies park which lay to our right - here's why: http://jimcameron.co.uk/2016_07_14/20160714.html


From Danderhall into the Drum - the large grounds on a stately home. We rode Westwards through it, pausing to admire the replica Mercat cross, and emerging at Gilmerton. 

You can read about the Drum here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Drum,_Edinburgh


From Gilmerton we took the road home. Up a little, down a lot, up a little again, then traversed the Meadows to the bruntsfield Hotel where the ride was closed. It was good to have sunshine for the first official ride - an Omen I hope!










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