17th Evening Ride - Figgate and Braids


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Thu 16 Aug Graham Graham Graham Graham 20:47


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 A crowd of 14 assembled at Victor Hugo's, the designated start point, to partake in the mid-August Thursday Evening ride, for a route that would most suit those inclined towards inclines. It has been noted that the eponymous Jim has the knack of disguising climbs in such a way that defies the laws of physics, in that the descents seem to far outweigh the ascents. This ride would exhibit the antithesis of Jim's skills!

Following a downpout at around 5.30 the weather was fair when we set off, wending our way past festival revellers, out through The Meadows toward Arthur's (Seat) to take a clockwise, upward spiral, scooting round the volcano, and stopping just shy of Dunsapie Loch. It was there that a latecomer caught up with us. Sharp left for our exit path, we recovered our breath as we descended through Northfield and Mountcastle to arrive for a quick sweetie/photo stop at Figgate Pond. The ensuing sugar rush propelling us along through Bingham, a section beside the Braid Burn, a left through Peffermill and up into Craigmillar Castle Park. From there we continued through (The) Inch with a little detour to take in the scenic grounds of Liberton Golf Club. A brief stint on the A772 Gilmerton Road took us to Ellens Glen Road and subsequently Malbet Wynd and Park. Crossing Lasswade Road we had a little pedal along Little Road and crossed Liberton Gardens (A710). Traversing Liberton Park led us to Braid Hill, where, circumnavigating, we enjoyed sun-setting views over Arthur's Seat, Salisbury Crags, Blackford Hill and The Royal Observatory. The final lungbusting push was up Braid Road/Buckstone Terrace to East Comiston and Fairmilehead Park, where the leader had a minor tumble.

 From memory, prior to landing, flight attendants used to distribute barleysugar sweets to help with ENT pressure issues - so, fortunately, one member had boiled sweeties and passed them round for the ear-popping drop down to Braidburn Valley Park. Across the roundabout, at the far end, we were on the home straight. Along Hermitage Drive, Braid and Cluny Avenues, a cheeky wee shortcut through Astley Anslie Hospital grounds and up Whitehouse Loan onto The Meadows, where the ride was declared over. Most peeled off and went their separate ways, a half dozen or so headed to the watering hole which is 'The Fountain', to get comfortably numb. A nice wee cycle for the penultimate of the Evening Rides for 2018 and we look forward to the series finale ride on what has been, weatherwise, an unforgettable summer. Thanks to all those who attended.